Dr. Brittany E. Miles

51 Pegasi b Fellow and Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Arizona

PhD, Astronomy & Astrophysics, UC, Santa Cruz, 2022
M.S., Astronomy & Astrophysics, UC, Santa Cruz, 2018
B.S., Physics, Geophysics and Planetary Physics Minor, UCLA, 2016

Research Interests

I primarily work with mid-infrared spectroscopy to characterize the atmospheres of brown dwarfs and gas giant exoplanets. I want to improve ground-based mid-infrared instruments to characterize existing exoplanets and find Earth-like planets. I am currently a postdoc at the University of Arizona in Professor Daniel Apai's group. I will transition to assistant professor at Steward Observatory around Fall 2025.

Current Projects

⦿ Mapping 1-D Mixing Profiles of Brown Dwarfs with JWST

⦿ The 1 - 20 Micron Spectrum of VHS 1256b

⦿ 10 Micron Detector Testing

Past Projects

⦿ Disequilibrium CO in the Coldest Brown Dwarfs

⦿ Methane in Young, Exoplanet Analogs